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Trained in Europe as a portrait photographer, I arrived back in the US and started my career in Washington DC, expanding to include the East Coast, and shortly, the Left Coast.  I love interacting with people as I photograph them, and particularly enjoy the opportunity to take business portraits in a fresh way.  Though my niche is certainly the professional world, particularly DC, Maryland and Virginia law firm portraits and medical practices, I also have great success with couples portraits, baby portraits, children portraits, and family portraits as well as personal single portraits. These all present different challenges and joys and give me the chance to explore with a bit more latitude than the business world offers.   

My professional goals are simple-do the best possible job, give good value for money, and have the most fun while doing it. I aim to make my clients relaxed and to enjoy themselves. Since I enjoy meeting new people and have a facility for putting people at ease, you can count on great results.  Experience does equal creativity! 

I specialize in on-site environmental portraits.   By the time I leave the job site, the client has chosen the image, and within days, often hours, will have the finished image for print, press and web use. My longtime clients are among the most well-known names in the legal and medical professions. 

I love my work. 

I believe you will too.


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